Patient's Responsibilities

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  1. The patient is expected to provide, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information about their present complaint, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to their health.
  2. The patient is expected to cooperate with the planned care and treatment at the American Surgery Center (ASC).
  3. The patient is expected to be aware of and sensitive to the needs of other patients, and respectful of the property of other patients, as well as all healthcare providers and staff.
  4. The patient has the responsibility to meet financial obligations to ASC and the physician for the services rendered.
  5. The patient's activities must be consistent with the policies and procedures of ASC that relate to patient care and conduct. The patient and any accompanying members are expected not to engage in any activity which is in violation of those policies and procedures.
  6. Any patient that does not follow the plan of care prescribed for their surgical procedure, or that does not adhere to these Patient Responsibilities, may be dismissed from care at ASC.
  7. The patient is expected to provide a responsible adult to transport him/her home from the facility and remain with him/her for 24 hours, if required by his/her provider.
  8. If a patient is deemed incompetent by the state, a legal representative must accompany patient on day of procedure to exercise patient’s rights and responsibilities.
  9. The patient is responsible for keeping their procedure appointment; if they anticipate a delay or must cancel, they will notify the surgeon as soon as possible.
  10. Patients are responsible for the disposition of their valuables; the surgery center does not assume the responsibility.
  11. Inform his/her provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could affect his/her care.

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